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61382   12:58 11.09.2007г. GMT       
Saetia - скримо. Они божественны.
Вот немного о них, но, извените, по энглишу:
Saetia was a New York City-based emocore band that is often considered one of the definitive groups of the genre, and they are often credited as being the source of a resurgence in popularity the genre experienced in the late 1990's. Saetia existed as a band from February 1997 to October 1999, when they broke up. Their name originates from a misspelling of the Miles Davis "Saeta", off of his landmark album Sketches of Spain, which, in turn, was named after a religious tradition of flamenco music, similar to fellow screamo band Joshua Fit For Battle, whose name was a corruption of the song "Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho", a traditional American spiritual song.

The drummer of Saetia, Greg Drudy, was the original drummer of the indie-rock band Interpol prior to their current popularity. He currently runs the record label Level Plane. Other previous members of the band continued their musical careers in numerous outfits, some of them joining screamo bands such as Off Minor, Hot Cross, and The Fiction, as well as the hardcore punk outfit Instruction.

Saetia had numerous members throughout its existence, experiencing numerous changes in membership. Alex Madara, the first bass player for Saetia, was affected by a severe allergic reaction which placed him into a coma for eight days, finally resulting in his death on December 14, 1998.


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66646   13:53 10.03.2008г. GMT       
даааааааааааа!!!!!!! Блин обожаю Saetia,помойму одна из лучших скримо групп,жаль что распались и всего 1 альбом(((

это моя жизнь-это мой хардкор!